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Eugen Eichhorn

in memoriam
 • 3.12.1944  |  • 29.5.2020

"To live! like a tree, alone and free
like a forest in brotherhood
this yearning is ours."

Nâzım Hikmet

Dear friends and colleagues of Eugen,

on 29 May 2020, my father died after a brief, severe illness.
Until the end of March, he was on a long trip to Japan, a country where he had many friends, and which meant a great deal to him.

A couple of days after he returned, he felt badly, and on 07 April 2020 we brought him to the hospital. By the next day, he was moved to the intensive care unit and placed in a medically induced coma under mechanical ventilation.  After weeks of keeping up our hopes, he ultimately became too weakened to survive.

My father was in a friendly small hospital where I received daily updates, and after the limitations on family visits were relaxed, I could visit him every day. I was by his side in his final hours and held his hand.

We are very sad and already miss him terribly – the way he used to be. We are exhausted and will limit the funeral to a very small group.
Nothing will keep us, though, from having a commemoration of his life in a year with a larger group of his companions – together with you.

We are deeply touched by the depth of compassion expressed for my father. He received mail every day in the hospital, and many of you were with him in your thoughts and prayers.

With warm good wishes,
Lisa Eichhorn

Ways to think of him

Eugen meant a great deal for a lot of people. With his personality and his work he inspired so many friends, colleages and students. This memorial website was created in loving memory of Eugen and with the intention to remember his life and work.
Please be a part of it and

  • share a personal memory of him
  • share a photo, that reminds you of Eugen
  • write an obituary for his work

Thank you all so much for your compassion!



(Eva Bauer | for Eugen - 30.05.2020)